Thursday, 20 December 2012

Sketchbook Stuff

Some Character work from my sketchbook. The girls are imaginary and the other two pages are caricatures of people I saw around school. I have the most problem drawing hair, it flows around so much and is hard to understand... my favorites would be the girl with the lollipop and the guy with the headphones and backwards hat.


Here are some hand drawings I completed over the course of the semester, I'm still not totally happy with them. Hands are really hard to draw. They're really important to be able to draw well because of the emotions they can show and how dynamic they can be.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

End of Year Life Drawing and ROM trip

So here are some of the last life drawings I did this semester, as well as some drawings I did at the ROM earlier in the month.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Little Forest Dweller

Here is the home of a little forest man, with a ferocious beard, and small deeply inset eyes. He lives in this home built into the roots of a great tree. Although very unkempt and grizzly, he has a soft spoken voice and a strict vegetarian diet. He mainly eats mushrooms, herbs, seeds, nuts and berries. He offers a highly regarded mushroom picking class to many of the locals in the nearby villages. Although many of the more prestigious type strongly look-down upon the man for following natures way, rather than education.. They claim he's indoctrinating the youth, when really he's just teaching them how to pick and find natures many gifts.

It seems like this man lives a lonesome life, but indeed does have a trusty companion, a pig named Pie. ( He adopted it after it stole a moon crescent pie of his) and thus gave him its name. Pie helps him find mushrooms, especially those deep beneath tree roots and shrubbery. The man is known as Griegor.

Digital painting done in photoshop.

Very rough sketch of the idea.

Added proper perspective and cleaned up the line work.

Did gray-scale of the light and shade.

Roughed in the general colors

Cleaned up the colors and added details.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Starting Digital

So since semester one is coming to an end and I have more free time, I decided to go ahead and try out digital paint... at first I was trying to do some epic Feng Zhu type landscape but failed many times... then realized I should just start small and learn the basics of light, shade and form.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Lone camp in the Himalyans

Here is the campsite and home of a wise old know-it-all being, with strong knowledge of mechanics as well as survival. High up in the Himalayan Mountains, he hunts and salvages most of his food, but if needed can fast for days, drinking filtered water from the snow. At times he'll venture to the closest settlement, a mining camp, over 100 miles away, to trade goods for services.  He stays amongst the locals and repairs the many weary mining vehicles, engines and equipment; for trade of food, wood and the refill of diesel fuel.  His snowmobile is his method of travel there, with a lift back in a heavy TATA truck filled with his newly acquired goods... a few times he has even taken the dangerous route of hiking to the settlement. In this particular shot of his campsite, you can see his many mechanical/industrial tools/items and his humble tented home. Plus his snowmobile and a large Fuel Tank. The TATA truck to the upper right of the image happened to lose its way on the treacherous road and had minimal fuel left. The driver came to a stop at the campsite to refuel the truck plus was invited in for some snow tea. The man of the campsite claims to have no name, no age and no past. He enjoys solitude most of the time, yet does enjoy the company of the TATA truck drivers and the miners.