Sunday, 2 December 2012

Lone camp in the Himalyans

Here is the campsite and home of a wise old know-it-all being, with strong knowledge of mechanics as well as survival. High up in the Himalayan Mountains, he hunts and salvages most of his food, but if needed can fast for days, drinking filtered water from the snow. At times he'll venture to the closest settlement, a mining camp, over 100 miles away, to trade goods for services.  He stays amongst the locals and repairs the many weary mining vehicles, engines and equipment; for trade of food, wood and the refill of diesel fuel.  His snowmobile is his method of travel there, with a lift back in a heavy TATA truck filled with his newly acquired goods... a few times he has even taken the dangerous route of hiking to the settlement. In this particular shot of his campsite, you can see his many mechanical/industrial tools/items and his humble tented home. Plus his snowmobile and a large Fuel Tank. The TATA truck to the upper right of the image happened to lose its way on the treacherous road and had minimal fuel left. The driver came to a stop at the campsite to refuel the truck plus was invited in for some snow tea. The man of the campsite claims to have no name, no age and no past. He enjoys solitude most of the time, yet does enjoy the company of the TATA truck drivers and the miners.


  1. neb, this is sooo good! i totally love it! it seems very real, i can imagine this as a scene of a movie :D
    and amazing clean up too!

  2. its amazing composition...specially the way you put the vanishing gives a nice depth taking eyes ups and down...I love it!