Saturday, 14 December 2013

Space Man

Space man on a mysterious planet.

Flash Animations

So here are a few flash animations I've done over the past semester. Flash is an alright program, it really makes your animations must faster... however it lacks a lot of appeal and dynamics of traditional animation. It's mainly used in limited animation for TV and the web. None the less, its still a good program to know and since its fast to animate in, some animation principles are easier to grasp when using it.

Ball Guy

I did not make this character, I simply animated him. (Voice is Chris Tucker in Rush Hour)

Here's a start and stop of a walk.

Acting of the character. (voice is Ozzy from The Simpsons)

Some more acting of the character. (Voice is my friend Mike)

Storyboarding: Re-Interpreting Staging

So I finally decided to upload a storyboard project. Storyboarding is probably my favorite class because you basically become a director and storyteller, deciding on what shots to use and how the camera will work in the scene. For this specific project we needed to re-interpret staging of three different perspectives on a situation. The story was that two teens are going to meet their uncle and a sentry assassin surprises them on a task to assassinate the uncle. The first boards focus on the two teens. The next one is focused on the uncle and the last on the sentry assassin. The characters and location are from the CGI animated series Skyland.

Teen Boards

Uncle Boards

Sentry Boards

Painting Studies

Here are some quick painting studies I did of various things.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Swamp Creature

Here is a swamp creature painting of a massive beast that lives in the Great Swamplands, a place humans rarely travel through. However, these brave sailors shown in the image were lost on a jungle river and drifted into this unknown territory. It was the beasts first time seeing such a ship and picked it up to inspect it, not noticing the humans escaping and floating to hide among the rocks. The journey home will be long and dangerous, since the sailors have lost their ship. 

The project was just suppose to be a swamp creature, but I got carried away and made it into a landscape study as well.  I think I learned quite a bit from doing this project and overall I think it turned out decent.

Admiral Pollyon Model Sheet

Here is my latest character that I had to design for class, providing a full model sheet for him.  He is Admiral Pollyon, a villainous admiral that is sly and greedy. Character design is one of my weaker classes, but I think this project turned out all right. Its so hard to be consistent with the design as you change poses and move the character around. You really have to be a great draftsman. In the industry, after a model sheet like this is produced, it will help the animator understand who they are animating. This provides an in-depth look at the appearance, as well as personality of the character. Its almost like a character synopsis for an actor.

Character Rotation

Character Posing

Character Expressions

Character Hand Posing

Character Prop Sheet

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A Collection of Hands

Here is a collection of hands I drew since the start of semester. Its always neat to see improvement from the hands drawn about one year ago, under the life drawing category to the right, near the bottom. Hands are very difficult to draw, once you have a strong sense of structure though they can become very fun. Remember that everything follows structure and has width, height and length, the folds in your hands and wrinkles too!

Life Drawing Dump

Here's some life drawing I did within the last little while. Ranging in order from 30 second poses to at the end about 10 minutes. Life drawing is one the best things an artist can practice, and its really fun! How it applies to animation? It helps you find balance, weight, gesture, structure, proportion, and just about everything else in your characters.

Monday, 7 October 2013

The Elder and the Butterfly

Here is a painting I did for school of an elder with a butterfly. The assignment was to paint a head and hands, similar to my Uma Thurman painting I did last year. Having a new painting teacher we got a similar assignment, but allowed more freedom in terms of painting and combining images. (The butterfly and elder reference were from separate pictures) This was also good painting practice for drapery, leading into our next assignment of learning the different kinds of folds. I could have worked more on defining the hands and wrist area, but overall, I'm quite happy with the piece.

Just because Haiku's are cool:

"The elder's thirsty.
Butterfly found the water,
The elder followed."

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A stroll through the Snow

The first animation assignment of the year was to do a walk from one side of the page to the other, demonstrating some emotion. This year animation is much more involved with character acting, appeal and personality, whereas first year was mainly all technicalities. Animation is very tedious to do, especially fixing all the little mistakes after you shoot it, but the end result of a good sequence you completed is always great. This kid is just strolling through his backyard in the winter time and noticed some footprints... maybe its Sasquatch?

Study of Fish and Skull

Here are two studies I did in grey scale, to focus on the tonal values of light and shade. This is one thing I need to improve on, and is the next step to becoming a better artist. I spent more time on the fish, it is much more refined and tightened up. The skull was more just a quick study.