Thursday, 21 February 2013

Kim Possible Style Representation

Here's the most recent character design project. We had to create an original character to be included in the Disney TV show: Kim Possible, using the same design style by character designer Stephen Silver. This here is Jack, a baseball playing kid who always has his gear with him and is ready to play. He doesn't play too big of a role but occasionally has a part in episodes.

Bone Room Trip

So our life drawing class recently went to the Bone Room and Anatomy labs at the University of Guelph. Managed to get in some good drawing of the cadavers, didn't do as many bones studies, although i would have liked to. Seeing how real muscles relate to one another, and their origin/insertion points is really interesting; It really helps to understand them. Included also are some recent life drawings.

Anatomy Studies

Bone Studies

Life Drawings

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Hayato, Digital Clean up and Paint

Another Digital Project. I DID NOT draw the line art, my teacher did. We basically had to use his line art, clean up the gray muddiness in the background, paint flat cels, and then add shadows and do some highlights and finishing effects. I found the project to be quite fun, and learnt a lot about cleaning up line art. The character is Hayato from the Playstation 1 video game Rival Schools by Capcom. 

Omar Dogans original drawing. I DID NOT draw this.

My finalized cleaned up version, with color, light and shade and some neat luminescent effects.