Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A Collection of Hands

Here is a collection of hands I drew since the start of semester. Its always neat to see improvement from the hands drawn about one year ago, under the life drawing category to the right, near the bottom. Hands are very difficult to draw, once you have a strong sense of structure though they can become very fun. Remember that everything follows structure and has width, height and length, the folds in your hands and wrinkles too!

Life Drawing Dump

Here's some life drawing I did within the last little while. Ranging in order from 30 second poses to at the end about 10 minutes. Life drawing is one the best things an artist can practice, and its really fun! How it applies to animation? It helps you find balance, weight, gesture, structure, proportion, and just about everything else in your characters.

Monday, 7 October 2013

The Elder and the Butterfly

Here is a painting I did for school of an elder with a butterfly. The assignment was to paint a head and hands, similar to my Uma Thurman painting I did last year. Having a new painting teacher we got a similar assignment, but allowed more freedom in terms of painting and combining images. (The butterfly and elder reference were from separate pictures) This was also good painting practice for drapery, leading into our next assignment of learning the different kinds of folds. I could have worked more on defining the hands and wrist area, but overall, I'm quite happy with the piece.

Just because Haiku's are cool:

"The elder's thirsty.
Butterfly found the water,
The elder followed."