Sunday, 10 November 2013

Swamp Creature

Here is a swamp creature painting of a massive beast that lives in the Great Swamplands, a place humans rarely travel through. However, these brave sailors shown in the image were lost on a jungle river and drifted into this unknown territory. It was the beasts first time seeing such a ship and picked it up to inspect it, not noticing the humans escaping and floating to hide among the rocks. The journey home will be long and dangerous, since the sailors have lost their ship. 

The project was just suppose to be a swamp creature, but I got carried away and made it into a landscape study as well.  I think I learned quite a bit from doing this project and overall I think it turned out decent.

Admiral Pollyon Model Sheet

Here is my latest character that I had to design for class, providing a full model sheet for him.  He is Admiral Pollyon, a villainous admiral that is sly and greedy. Character design is one of my weaker classes, but I think this project turned out all right. Its so hard to be consistent with the design as you change poses and move the character around. You really have to be a great draftsman. In the industry, after a model sheet like this is produced, it will help the animator understand who they are animating. This provides an in-depth look at the appearance, as well as personality of the character. Its almost like a character synopsis for an actor.

Character Rotation

Character Posing

Character Expressions

Character Hand Posing

Character Prop Sheet