Saturday, 14 December 2013

Space Man

Space man on a mysterious planet.

Flash Animations

So here are a few flash animations I've done over the past semester. Flash is an alright program, it really makes your animations must faster... however it lacks a lot of appeal and dynamics of traditional animation. It's mainly used in limited animation for TV and the web. None the less, its still a good program to know and since its fast to animate in, some animation principles are easier to grasp when using it.

Ball Guy

I did not make this character, I simply animated him. (Voice is Chris Tucker in Rush Hour)

Here's a start and stop of a walk.

Acting of the character. (voice is Ozzy from The Simpsons)

Some more acting of the character. (Voice is my friend Mike)

Storyboarding: Re-Interpreting Staging

So I finally decided to upload a storyboard project. Storyboarding is probably my favorite class because you basically become a director and storyteller, deciding on what shots to use and how the camera will work in the scene. For this specific project we needed to re-interpret staging of three different perspectives on a situation. The story was that two teens are going to meet their uncle and a sentry assassin surprises them on a task to assassinate the uncle. The first boards focus on the two teens. The next one is focused on the uncle and the last on the sentry assassin. The characters and location are from the CGI animated series Skyland.

Teen Boards

Uncle Boards

Sentry Boards

Painting Studies

Here are some quick painting studies I did of various things.