Tuesday, 9 September 2014

First Time 3D Land

So this year we go full 3D, which will be interesting indeed. It's almost like I'm studying animation math, if that's a thing. Right now its mainly all technical, interface things, so nothing special yet has been taught. Here is a descending energy ball bounce I made. Its not a school project, but I tried to incorporate most of things I've learnt so far. lights, camera, materials. etc. I just threw the textures in the background, they don't look so good, with the sharp change from floor to wall. This was mainly just a test to see how I could render the thing out.  

New Year, New Life Drawings

So here are a few life drawings I did after not life drawing all summer. Real fun to get back into it, that's for sure. Since this year is all 3D now, life drawing will be the only class with traditional drawing. Gonna be strange but good, since 3D so far is interesting stuff. These drawings range from 1 min to 5 mins.